Custom BBQ Branding Iron

  • $29.95
  • Save $30.04

It's called the Custom BBQ Branding Iron because you can customise what you brand onto your steak!

That's right, folks! The 55 interchangeable letters means you can change what you brand onto your meat! Will you brand each steak with the owner's name? What about branding a cheeky message onto your friend's steak? 

It's so easy to use. Simply:

  • Choose the letters for the message you'd like to brand
  • Slide the letters into the Branding Iron
  • Heat the Iron
  • Press Iron down onto the steak
  • Hold for 10 - 15 seconds
  • Voila! Branded Steak!

Due to high demand on this one of a kind item, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

If you're unhappy about your purchase, we'll refund your money immediately.

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