4PCs Door Cup Protection Film

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rotect your vehicle's paint from scratching!

Door cup protection film will keep you vehicle's appearance good as new and scratch-free. It totally protects its paint from chipping and scratching. One of the feature is it is durable, transparent and absolutely invisible when applied. It is easy to install and only takes several minutes to stick. Besides in preventing from scratch it provides a superior strength and an amazing softness.

  • Protect your vehicle's paint from scratching
  • Durable, transparent, invisible
  • Advantage: rub the scratch-resistant, anti-fouling, corrosion, prevent radiation super toughness, scratch resistant, perfect care, bright and transparent, simple construction

Installation method:

  1. Choose a wet towel or (sponge) to wipe the door wrist
  2. Peel off the product at the end of paper, the product plastic and car door to the inside of the wet
  3. The product adhesive surface close to the door, adjust to the best location
  4. From the middle to both sides of the push up and down, squeeze out the blisters, the installation is complete

  • Durable, transparent, invisible
  • Material: PVC colorless and transparent (polyurethane)
  • Size: Approx. 9*8 cm


The user must first spray with water at the door handle, a move to prevent the paste crooked, sprayed with water can be corrected in a timely manner!
paste after 2-3 days, please do not rain and car wash!


Package Includes:

  • 4x Set Door Cup stickers

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