Animals Cable Bite Chompers

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Adorable little animals “bite” onto your smartphone!
This super-cute Cable Bite accessory slips over your phone's charging cord to protect and decorate it with an adorable emperor penguin! When plugged in, it'll look like the penguin is chomping on the side of your device, whether it's a smartphone, a tablet, or some other device! It's sized to fit iPhone's Lightning Cable, so it will work with most iPhones or iPads!

  • Soft and squishy!
  • Fits Apple Lightning Cable.
  • PROTECTOR -- Protects phone cable from breaking.
  • UNIVERSAL -- Cable Chompers work for both iPhone and Android chargers.
  • STRONG -- Made of a durable PVC material for extra protection.
  1. Slot the cable into the split opening.
  2. Push and fit the cable in to secure it.
  • Material:ATBC-PVC
  • Size:(W) 0.069 × (H)0.07 × (D) 0.14 in
  • Weight: 6g

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