Fidget Pen

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Do you know someone who has a hard time paying attention to a certain thing? Well, you got it, this Fidget Pen will help them focus.

This pen is not only for writing but it also helps those people who suffer ADHD. A great fidget penthat makes you no longer bored and irritable. It could also reduce the stress you experienced. 

It can do more than just satisfy the restless worker. Not just a toy, fidget pen not just the easing of your pressure ball in your career, or the cube that you want to play during the meeting.

Totally perfect for all students of all ages.

  • You can slide, bend, spin, pull, or bump the pencil fidgets
  • Think Pen is a pen can be bent, rotated and transformed into a variety of creative, anti-irritable function


  • Flexible Steel Body
  • Floating Spinner
  • Flexible & Removable Magnetic Spring Clip
  • Rotating Steel Sphere in Counter Sunk Magnet Socket
  • Multi-use, as an ink pen, or use as a fidget toy once you are thinking


  • Material: metal
  • Size:145*10mm

Package Include:

  • 1 Fidget Pen 

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