Sauces Injector

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DUAL FUNCTION-A built-in plunger releases marinade into meat via three needle-like applicators, quickly saturating the interior of food with flavor enhancing ingredients.

FASTER-30 Stainless Steel Blade Meat Tenderizer Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Blades Create Small Pockets in the Meat where it can retain its own Juices. It also quickens the marinating and cooking time

SAFE- 3 Oz Flavor Injector Syringe Only Premiala uses 100% food-safe 304-grade stainless steel for every component which touches the marinade. Guaranteed to keep your family safe!

Easy to Use - Easy to Clean - Locks with the blades inside and has a cover for safe storage.


Material: stainless steel + plastic

Color: white

Size: 22.5 * 8.2 * 8.5cm